Crystal & Art Glass

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Reed & Barton Silverplate & Free Blown Glass Trumpet Vase

Base depicts a Native American buffalo hunt, a motif popularized in 1876 by Theodore Baur for the Philadelphia centennial.

Bohemian Inkwell Photo 1
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Antique Bohemian Art Glass Inkwell

This lovely ink well is Bohemian-made art glass in the iridescent style with beautifully iridescent crisscrossing lines of rainbow coloring. It still retains its original fitted, removable glass liner that held the ink. The cap and neck are solid brass in an art nouveau design. $350

Bohemian Glass Bowl Photo 1
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Bohemian Art Glass Bowl in an Art Nouveau Bronze Mount

This period Art Nouveau Bohemian glass bowl has a delicately hand-fluted rim and an incised vein motif on the reverse, with a satin-frosted finish and delicate iridescent luster finish. The bowl resides in a bronze Art Nouveau fashioned mount featuring tendrilated flowers and leaves creating the handles and bulb feet. $1,095

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Harrach Hand-Formed Chech Yellow Glass Vase

This masterfully made vase by Harrach is of Chech origin and has a rare yellow opaque body with transparent green accents. The body of the vase is round while the opening is square and fluted and edged with a clear green glass border. The vase measures 5” in diameter and 9.75” high and is perfect without any chips, cracks or flaws. $850

Deco Vanity Set Photo 1
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Pink & Clear Cut Crystal Art Deco Vanity Set

This garniture of dual perfume flacons and a trinket box for rings are intricately cut with the palest of pink crystal for the toppers and lid with clear crystal for the bases. The stoppers are enthusiastic fans and the lid of the box is cushion cut with a rounded top and soft corners. The set was made in Czechoslovakia in the 1940’s, a capital renowned for their work with cut crystal and being unequaled in craftsmanship in Europe. $550

Legrass Vase Photo 1
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Signed “LEGRAS’ Cameo Cased Glass Vase

This handsome Legras vase is colored in garnet red over a textured clear base. The Legras company was founded in 1864 by Auguste Legras in St.Denis, France. The vase has a graceful overall foliate pattern and bears the Legras signature. The piece measures 7” in diameter X 7’ high X 21” in circumference. $850

Loetz Inkwell Photo 1
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Loetz Bohemian Art Glass Inkwell

This is a genuine Loetz Bohemian art glass inkwell with a slow flowing silhouette and bold overlaying lines of glass all in a opalescent iridescent coloring reminiscent of an impressionistic Bonnard painting. The ink well measures 5.75” in diameter X 2” tall. $325

Danish Decanter Photo 1
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Danish Yellow to Clear Cut Crystal Decanter with Silver & Mahogany Coaster

Beautifully paired Danish decanter and tray set were manufactured in Denmark by the well respected firm of Firma August Ehlers. The decanter measures 4.375” in diameter X 8.5” tall with a 830 sterling silver ferrel around the neck The coaster or “slide” it sits on has an 830 sterling silver rim surrounding a lovely rich caramel brown mahogany center and felt bottom. $345