Porcelain & Ceramics

Tenera Bowl Photo 1
Tenera Bowl Photo 2
Tenera Bowl Photo 3

Large Decorative Royal Copenhagen Tenera Bowl

This Royal Copenhagen bowl from the Tenera Line is decorated in shades of blue, purple and a warn yellow ochre. The pattern, designed by Berte Jessan Kohle, is her folkloric interpretation of floral motifs in a split quadrant format inside the bowl while the exterior is banded with stylized Gothic arches and floral leaves and buds. The bowl measures 10” in diameter X 4” tall with a 9” diameter opening. $225

Ceramic Jug Photo 1
Ceramic Jug Photo 2
Ceramic Jug Photo 3

Rare Royal Copenhagen Alumina Naval Officer Ceramic Jug

This charming hand painted little jug by Royal Copenhagen is part of the Alumina line designed by Doreen Middlebrow. It was produced in Copenhagen and dates to 1968. This charming little ceramic fellow has a tri-corner hat that also serves as pouring spouts. The jug measures 5.75” tall X 3.50” in diameter. $175

Ceramic Cat Photo 1
Ceramic Cat Photo 2
Ceramic Cat Photo 3

Royal Worcester Hand Painted Ginger Colored Tabby Cat

This is the sweetest little hand painted Ginger colored tabby made by Royal Worcester. Made and hand painted in England it was modeled by F.G. Doughty and is titled “Long Haired Cat” as indicated by the stamp inside the form. The piece bears the Royal Worcester stamp and the style number 5615. The piece measures 4” tall X 2.25” wide. $150

Roseville Vase Photo 1
Roseville Vase Photo 2
Roseville Vase Photo 3

Roseville ”Carnelian" low Vase with double open handles

This beautiful example of the Carnelian style glaze free flows rose into celadon green with a subtle satin matte texture. The piece is #333 as indicated on the bottom in the underglaze. The piece measures 9.5” in diameter (which includes the handles) and is 6” in overall height. $325

Satsuma Teapot Photo 1
Satsuma Teapot Photo 2
Satsuma Teapot Photo 3

Vintage 1920’s Satsuma Camel Teapot

This is an absolutely charming vintage 1920’s Japanese-made Satsuma camel shaped teapot with a rattan bale handle over gold knobs.The surface of the teapot is divided into quadrants with large decorative floral motifs in bold bright colors with the camels head being the pouring spout. The piece measures 9.5” long X 4” deep X 6” to tip of the top ( 8” to top of the rattan swivel bale handle). And yes, its totally safe to serve tea in! $65

Meissen Cobble Photo 1
Meissen Cobble Photo 2
Meissen Cobble Photo 3

Meissen Salon Piece Depicting a Cobbler and Singing Meadowlark

This exceptional example of Meissen’s finest work depicts a humble cobbler at his work serenaded by a tiny meadowlark perched high above his head. Every tiny detail is thought out with perfect placement and execution in its painting and finest details. the piece measures 5.5” in diameter X 8.75” high. $800

Anderson & Son Ceramic Photo 1
Andersen & Son Ceramic Photo 2
Andersen & Son Ceramic Photo 3

Michael Andersen & Son Ceramic Figure of Child Seated

This lovely figure of a small seated sleepy child is by Michael Andersen & Son, Denmark. The piece features Persia drip glazes and has a ground base where it was taken from the kiln shelf and finished to make it smooth. This piece measures 3.75” X 3” X 4.5” tall. $225

Noritake Tea Set Photo 1
Noritake Tea Set Photo 2
Noritake Tea Set Photo 3

1930’s Noritake Child’s Tea Set in Black and Pink

This is a rare child’s tea set by the the well known Japanese china manufacturer Noritake. The set contains a lidded teapot( (4.625” X 2” X 3” tall), a covered two handled sugar pot ( 3.5” X 1.875” X 2.25” tall) , a creamer ( 2.5” X 1.375” X 1.75” tall), and 4 cups ( (1.5” X 1.375” ), 4 saucers ( 2.75” in diamiter) and 4 plates ( 3.125” in diameter). $600

Andersen & Son Ceramic Girl Photo 1
Andersen & Son Ceramic Girl Photo 2
Andersen & Son Ceramic Girl Photo 3

Michael Andersen & Son Ceramic Figure of young Woman with Basket of Fruit

This lovely figure of a young woman carrying a basket of fruit is by Michael Anderson & Son, Denmark. This piece measures3.75” X 3” X 9.5” tall and is in perfect condition. The base has the number 5258 and the logo of an incised shield. $285

Nippon Vase Photo 1
Nippon Vase Photo 2
Nippon Vase Photo 3

Hand Painted Nippon Vase

This is a lovely little Nippon hand painted vase with a very unusual concave treatment to the shoulder of the piece.The background color shades to white at the base and the top and bottom of the vase are accented with raised dots of gold. The piece measures 6.25” tall X 3. 375” in diameter. $200

Kutani Figurine Photo 1
Kutani Figurine Photo 2
Kutani Figurine Photo 3

Kutani Figurine of a Woman Costumed as a Clam Digger

This exceptional Kutani figurine depicts a woman in the costume and pose of a clam digger. It dates to the late 19th early 20th Century and is exquisitely decorated with very fine detail and the hand painting that the Kutani kilns were renown for. The piece is 4.5” in diameter X 13” tall. $1650